Professional online file sharing & storage solution

Enterprise level alternative to Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive and Google Drive

Easily manage your files and the way they are shared

Manage versions

Add comments

Manage granted users

Share with an expiration date

The only file sharing & storage solution really designed for enterprises

Active directory integration

SmartDrive can be integrated with an Active Directory domain to allow the tenant to import users from it. The credentials information will then be checked against the Active Directory.

Professionnal user management

SmartDrive provides a granular way to give management permissions to the tenant users. But it can also be used to use specific settings with some users (sharing, local cache, etc.)

Dashboard your storage

The tenant administration user has a personal dashboard including every modifications into the system (add/modify/delete a file, access to the system, user connexions...).

Business minded solution

All data stored in Belgium (EU)

Local partner (BE/FR/NL/LU)

Provide the most secure solution on the market to your company

Data Encryption

SmartDrive uses SSL 128-bit encryption and a connection made with TLS 1.2.

High level server infrastructure

Your data are located in a Tier III (+) datacentre, the installations and components are certified ISO 27001.

Advanced user logs

Every modification is stored in a log file (add/modify/delete a file, access to the system, user connexions...).