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Short description of what a possible use-case could be for this feature:

Imagine one of your customers needs to give you some information, for example a picture of something. As most mail systems will have some kind of restrictions for the maximum file size of an attachment, it can't be send by mail. Maybe the document you want to share is sensitive and you don't want to use some 3th party application/service that transfers your file to outside Belgium?

This feature lets your client "drop" files into your SmartDrive, without having access to it!

0. Windows client is installed and fully operational

1. Navigate to the folder where you want the client to drop a file.

2. Right click on a blanc space and select [Request a file]

3. Enter the e-mail address of the person that needs to upload a file to your SmartDrive. You also need to supply a password. 


The user will then receive a mail with the request to upload the file.

If he clicks on the link, he will then be redirected to this page:

The person can then just select the files & they will be uploaded to your SmartDrive account, in the folder you chose.