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How do I perform a Force Refresh?

Sometimes files do not appear instantly, you can tell SmartDrive to force a syncronisation.

How do I restart my Windows client?

This should be done every time an EASI engineer changes a setting for you.

How do I log into my SmartDrive account?

Find out how easy it is to login to the Windows client of SmartDrive!

How do I log out of my SmartDrive?

Find out here how easy it is to deconnect from SmartDrive

How do I request a file?

Attachement to big for mail? Don't want to use third party software?

Read here how SmartDrive can help!

How do I share a file/folder?

Read here how easy it is to share a file or a folder!

How do I attach a folder to SmartDrive?

Read here how you can easily attach a folder to SmartDrive!

How to check the number of files?

When a SmartDrive administator asks you to check the number of files, and the size, in/of a specific folder, you can use this guide.

How do I reset my Windows Client?

Once in a while there might be a small bug. In the process of troubleshooting and bugfixing, an EASI system engineer could ask you to "reset your Windows client".

How to install SmartDrive on Windows?

How can I install the Windows Client to access SmartDrive?