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Adding Users

Go the SmartDrive URL and enter the admin credentials to login.

After logging into the portal, select ‘My account information’ on the top right corner of the web portal:

Select ‘User Manager’ and then click on the “Add User” button.

In ‘Add User’ window, you can create a new native user using the ‘Native User’ option, you can import the users from a batch file using the ‘Batch create users’ option, if the SmartDrive server is in the same network as AD infrastructure you can import users directly from AD using the ‘Active Directory’ option.

If you have a Windows Server Agent installed on a server of your AD domain you can import users from your AD using Server Agent link that will appear.

When a new user is created, the administrator will specify the amount of cloud storage the new user is allowed to use. When you leave Quota at 0 GB, the user will have unlimited SmartDrive storage (still limited by the tenant storage quota). The email address will be to send a welcome email to the new user and will serve as his username.

Enter the new credentials for the user. Including his or her Quota.

Click on the “Continue” button located at the bottom left.

On the next page, the administrator can adjust some more settings.

Let the system generate password (password will be sent via email)


The SmartDrive system will randomly generate a password and send it to the new user. No further action from the Administrator is required.

When you uncheck this field, the administrator will have to manually enter a password and communicate it to the new user.

User must change password at next logon.

The new user will be prompted to enter and change his/her password at the first login.

Deleting Users

When a user leaves the team, administrators can delete the user’s credentials.

In the User Manager, users can be shown as a list, or as icons.

To change the view from or to the list view, you can click the icon in the top left corner.

  • Deleting a user from the Icon View.

To delete a user using the icon view, you have to click on the “menu” button that is attached to the user you want to delete and click on “Delete User”.

You will then be prompted to confirm the user deletion. Then you will be asked if you want to also delete all the user’s data from the system.

Please note you will not be able to access the data if you keep them on SmartDrive, you will have to ask EASI support to do it.

  • Deleting a user from the List View

To delete a user from the list view, you just have to click on the “Delete User” icon. This icon is found at the right side of the user’s info.

Managing User Quotas

Administrators can assign a quota to each user. A user will not be allowed to upload files to SmartDrive once their quota has been reached.

If the quota is 0 for the user, there is no limit on how much storage the user can use.

From within the User Manager. Click the ‘Set Quota’ icon on the row of the user you want to change. This will open the ‘Configure User Home Directory’ window where you can set user quota.

Managing User Credentials

Administrators can change user passwords and login emails, if needed.

From within the User Manager

  • Manage a user from the Icon View

Click on the Menu button from the user you want to manage. Next click on Manage User.

  • Manage a user from the List View

At the end of the User Row, you can find an “Edit” icon. Click on this icon to go to the Individual User Manager.

On the next screen, you can edit or reset the password of the user.

After changing the login password, an email will be sent to notify the user of the change. Admins can choose to include the new password in the email, or exclude the new password from the email. If the administrator chooses to not include the new password in the mail, he will have to communicate it himself to the user.

When either the email or password is changed, please update the corresponding login credentials in SmartDrive Desktop or Cloud Server.

Changing the Default Quota For New Users

When creating a new user, admins can define how much storage the user is allowed to consume.

By default, this quota is 0, meaning the user can use as much space as possible. During the user creation process for each user, admins can change their assigned quota.

The default value can also be changed, so that there is no need to change the quota for every user created.

In ‘Management Console’, select ‘Group Policy’ and select ‘Home Directory’.

In the ‘Home Directory’, change the default storage quota.