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What Is A Team Folder?

SmartDrive enables the creation of team folders which are owned by the administrator and published to other SmartDrive users.

There are 2 types of folders in SmartDrive; Regular Folders and Attached Local Folders.

  • Regular Folders

These are the standard folders created by the account administrator in SmartDrive.

  • Attached Local Folders

These folders are the local folders from the local PC/Mac that SmartDrive users have attached to SmartDrive. Once a local folder is attached, a user can immediately access it in SmartDrive. SmartDrive will maintain the version history of files in the attached local folder.

Both administrators and team users can create versioned folders and attach local folders. However, only administrator can publish his/her folders to users of the SmartDrive account.

Once a folder is published, it is displayed as a team folder to the users who have access permissions. Users can access these folders from SmartDrive Web or Smartdrive clients. The published folder will appear under the user’s root folder, and its name will be appended with ‘(Team Folder)’.

Creating a Team Folder

In a team environment, where team members need to collaborate, the SmartDrive administrator can setup shared Team Folders for users and manage access controls.

You can create new team folder from management console -> Team Folder

You will be presented with this screen.

  • Existing Tenant Storage

By default the Team Folder should be created in the Default Tenant Storage. It will then use the global storage space of the tenant.

  • File Servers in Local Area Network

This option is only valid for on premise SmartDrive installations where you can publish a file server share as a Team Folder.

  • Remote File Servers

This option is used when you have a Server Agent installed on your file server locally and you want to publish some content of it as Team Folder.

Managing User Permissions

When administrators publish team folders, they assign read-write permissions to the users. Once the folder is created, administrators can change these access permissions.

To be able to manage the permissions you have to go in the Management Console -> Team Folders.

Once in that menu you can manage in the Collaborators submenu who has access to the Team Folder. This is the first step before giving users permissions (read, write, delete etc…) on it. It will allow them access to the folder.

Changing Folder Permissions

When publishing a team folder, administrators can assign read/write permissions to team-users. These permissions apply to all subfolders.

The administrator can further fine tune the permissions for each sub-folders in the team folder.

To be able to manage the permissions you have to go in the Management Console -> Team Folders and edit the Team Folder you want to change.

Next to the Team Folder name the small arrow allows you to navigate to any subfolder to choose permissions for each of them separately.

If no permissions have been set before, no permission are displayed. Click ‘Add User’ to add new users to the permission list.

When the permission list is empty, it inherits the permissions from the team folder’s settings. When permissions are set for a subfolder, it overwrites the permissions set by the parent folder.

Back in the permission window, assign the right access permissions for the users selected. Click ‘Apply’.