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In SmartDrive, you have different options to upload files and folders. You can upload one file at a time using the ‘Upload File’ option under Upload. You can also upload folders using the ‘Upload Folder’ option under Upload. Last but not least you can also use ‘Upload Folders and Files’ to upload multiple files simultaneously, or drag & drop files from a local desktop to the SmartDrive web portal to start the upload.

Upload File

The Upload File can upload one file at a time. This is supported on all browsers.

Upload Folder

The ‘Upload Folder’ option allows you to upload folders into the SmartDrive:

Browse to the folder you want to upload and click “Ok”.

Upload Using Local Uploader

This feature is only available on Windows systems. When uploading big files and big folders, the “upload using local uploader” may be the best option for web browser based upload. It will download a thin local uploader binary first and then the local uploader will do the upload. The local uploader has retry and other reliability measures so to make sure the upload is successful. Basically it uses   web browser to download an executable, and the executable does the rest of the uploading work.

Drag and Drop Upload

When using a modern web browser that supports HTML5 drag and drop upload you will see “Drop Files Here” in an empty folder. These web browsers allow you to drag & drop multiple files directly to the SmartDrive. In latest Google Chrome, Drag and drop folder is also supported while the other HTML5 based web browser support drag and drop multiple files.