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How Groups Work

In SmartDrive, admins can publish folders to team-users as team folders. Admin can also define access permissions for subfolders in each team folder, for sub users.

Most of the time, the Active Directory is used and Active Directory integration is used so the Active Directory group can be used.

In the case when Active Directory is not in place and when still need to assign groups, the group feature will come in handy.

When working with a large amount of users, it may be tedious to assign permissions to each user. To solve this problem, SmartDrive uses Groups. Admins can create a group and assign users to the group. When publishing a folder or changing subfolder permissions, instead of selecting each individual user, admins can assign the permissions to a group, then add users to the group. If there is a need to change the permission, just change it for the group and all the users that are in this group will get the same access.

Creating Groups

Only administrators can manage groups.

Login to the SmartDrive web portal as the administrator and select ‘User Manager’ in ‘Management Console and click on ‘Group Manager.

In the ‘Group Manager’ window, click ‘Create New Group’.

Type in the group name and click the + to assign a new user to the group. Click “Apply” to apply the changes.

Adding users To A Group

From ‘Group Manager’, administrators can edit the group and add users to it using the + sign and searching by name for the user.