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What is SmartDrive?

SmartDrive is a cluster of web services and client applications that provide online collaboration, online file storage, offsite backup and team workspaces based on any Cloud Storage service. It can also seamlessly integrate existing local storage to create a hybrid cloud solution with centrally managed, unified access. The SmartDrive files and folders structure can be accessed from a web browser, mobile client or by using the SmartDrive Server Agent or SmartDrive Desktop Client.
For example, a SmartDrive user can:
Share files and folders with anyone
Access cloud storage from a mapped drive
Setup automatic, 2-way synchronization between any local folder and any cloud folder
Create team folders for centrally managed, secure collaboration
Attach existing folders to the cloud for instant remote access
Access a file server from a remote location without a VPN
Publish local or cloud folders as team folders with access controls
And much more