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Sharing Versus Publishing

There are two ways to share files and folders in SmartDrive – publishing and sharing.

  • Publishing: Only available for the administrator who can share any admin folder. It will only work with team-users in a specific SmartDrive account (tenant account). Publishing a team folder can’t go outside of the tenant scope.
  • Sharing: Both the administrator and team-users can share files with anyone that has an email address. The recipient of the share will get an email with a link to open the folder or download the file. If the email recipient is also a SmartDrive user, he/she can access the shared file or folder directly from the SmartDrive. Administrators can prevent team-users from sharing if needed.

File Sharing

To share a file, you have to right click it and select the option “Share”.

It will directly open the window to share the file with someone.

Type the user(s) email where the file will be sent and then click ‘Continue’. You will be presented with a screen where you can edit more options.

You can edit the duration of the share by changing the “Expires in” option.

When you select “View / Read-Only Access”, the user you shared the file with won’t be able to make changes to it. Only a preview and download option will be available. When the option “View only” is enabled, the download option also becomes unavailable.

Folder Sharing

To share a folder, right click it and select the “Share” option. The follow the same procedure as with a file.

Managing Shares

In the SmartDrive root folder, the panel on the right shows shared items to others. You can click small pen to see the list of shared files and folders.

In the share list find the share you want to edit and click on the pen on the right of that line

If you want to share it with other people, you can click on the share button

If you want to delete the share access for someone, click on the

If you want to edit the current settings for someone (like expire time, etc...) click on the edit button

If you want to resend the sharing email to the person (maybe she did not received it) click on the send email button

If you want to manually copy the share link the person receive click on the show link button