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Files/Folders Sharing

Sharing Versus Publishing

There are two ways to share files and folders in SmartDrive – publishing and sharing.

Team Folders

What Is A Team Folder?

SmartDrive enables the creation of team folders which are owned by the administrator and published to other SmartDrive users.

There are 2 types of folders in SmartDrive; Regular Folders and Attached Local Folders.

  • Regular Folders

These are the standard folders created by the account administrator in SmartDrive.

Group Management

How Groups Work

In SmartDrive, admins can publish folders to team-users as team folders. Admin can also define access permissions for subfolders in each team folder, for sub users.

Most of the time, the Active Directory is used and Active Directory integration is used so the Active Directory group can be used.

In the case when Active Directory is not in place and when still need to assign groups, the group feature will come in handy.

Users management

Adding Users

Go the SmartDrive URL and enter the admin credentials to login.

How do I rename ro delete files/folders

Rename and deletion can be achieved via the icons on the row of the file/folder or via the right click context menu.

How do I create a folder

To create a folder, navigate to the folder where the folder has to be created and click ‘Create Folder’ on the top menu.

How do I download files

There are several ways to download files in SmartDrive:

How do I upload files/folders

In SmartDrive, you have different options to upload files and folders. You can upload one file at a time using the ‘Upload File’ option under Upload. You can also upload folders using the ‘Upload Folder’ option under Upload. Last but not least you can also use ‘Upload Folders and Files’ to upload multiple files simultaneously, or drag & drop files from a local desktop to the SmartDrive web portal to start the upload.

Web Portal Tips & Tricks

This article contains some small details that can help you use the Web Portal

  1. Switch between Iconview and Listview

When you look at the bottom right of the Web Portal interface you have the following icons